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Our business area

In the orange marked area you can see our business area, where you can find Scooters.

In addition to the main business area, there are “islands” in Floridsdorf, near Donauzentrum, Gasometer and Wienerberg.

You may drive and park your rented scooter wherever driving and parking is generally permitted (for exceptions see our GT&Cs), including outside the mo2drive business area. However, the rent may only be terminated within the limits of our business area, otherwise fees for parking according to the price list are due. The electric scooters are only intended for short trips in the city, it is not permitted to leave Vienna with them. The petrol-powered scooters can be used all throughout Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland regions.

With daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal rentals, you can drive or park inside or outside the business area.